These images are dispatches from the present and near future, by a very unreliable narrator.

Landscape at the end of the Anthropocene.

Dispatches: I think of myself as a time-and-space traveling reporter, with some caveats (see: a very unreliable narrator, below).

Present and near future: There is an urgency. Some of these images are warnings. Warnings are sometimes also beautiful.

A very unreliable narrator: Aside from the warnings above, my work is a space for my questions, for unknowns and contradictions. Some of the landscapes don’t have names and aren’t on a map, yet are very familiar: Snapshots of places brought back from dreams, imaginings, memories, anxious what ifs, gorgeous what ifs, alternate timelines.

Landscape: I say ‘landscape’ and not ‘nature’ because of the total extent to which we have, relatively recently, touched, influenced, and warped nature.

Landscape: I can't separate myself from the tradition of landscape painting (see beautiful, above) and, more importantly, from my human lens. The reporter is part of the story.

End of the Anthropocene: see warnings, above